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Turning E-Waste into Green
The proliferation of relatively inexpensive of electronics and their frequent consumer turnover has accelerated concern regarding “e-waste.” While much attention has gone to environmental ramifications, unconscious disposal also removes a valuable commodity from the domestic economy. Dismantling electronics can provide a feedstock for newer systems and/or manufacturers of products such as automotive parts. Refurbished systems extend job opportunities for skilled service technicians and provide less expensive means of school systems ensuring their students have access to information technology. However, to realize the short and long term economic benefits of e-reuse and e-recycling, issues of data security must be comprehensively settled. This panel will discuss how policy decisions on handling e-waste could improve the economy via environmental stewardship.

Marian Chertow, Yale University

Willie Cade, PC Rebuilders & Recyclers
George Hinkle, ARCOA
James "Jim" Lynch, TechSoup Global
Eric Williams, Rochester Insitute of Technology

Start: 2/13/2013 12:00 PM EST
End: 2/13/2013 1:30 PM EST

Rayburn B338/339, South Capitol St and Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20515